Welcome To Sri Ragavendra Power Controls. We Provide Complete Solutions For Quality Power, Power Supply Solutions Guarantee Your Peace of Mind, We Are The Expertise To Provide The Solution You Need...

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterrupted, Efficient, Reliable Energy For Industries, Full Range Of Power Supply, Reduced Installation & Maintenance Costs, Continuous Operation At Full Rated Load..

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Double Conversion Ups

On-Line Double Conversion Ups Paralleling Upto 6 Units, Compactable With Generators, Auto Shutdown Facility Compatible In Linux / Windows, Intelligent Battery Management System. Our UPS Power Backup Is Used In Hospitals During Emergency Conditions

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Power Backup Used In Bank

High-Capacity Power Backup Is Generated By Our UPS And Inverters Which Is Helpful For Banks During Power Failure To Protect Their Data


Telecom Towers Use Our Products

Our Products Are Used In Telecommunication Towers For Power Backup. Telecommunication Towers Can Particularly Benefit From Our UPS And Inverters.


Industrial Plants

Our Range Of Products Supply The Power Backup For Industrial Plants And For Most Of The Industries.


Protecting Data Centers

Best Performance Protecting Data Centers, Telecommunications, Server & Network Rooms And Business Centers, Provide A Break-Free Supply Of Electrical Energy, TO Monitor And Maintain Voltage Values


Battery Solutions

Batteries Are At The Heart Of All UPS Systems, We Provide Battery Solutions For Emergency Lighting, Cctv, Standby Generators And A Wide Range Of Battery Supported Applications.

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Installation & Maintenance

As A Leading Power Controller, Our Project Team Will Work With You From Start To Finish, Ensuring Your UPS/Inverter/Battery/Stabilizer/APFC Installation Is Done Safely On Time To Help Your Business.


Complete Solutions

We Provide Complete Solutions For Quality Power With Quality Installation And Maintenance.


Contact Us

For Details Regarding Power Solutions, Please Contact 'Sri Ragavendra Power Controls' @
Phone: 044-3190 1999
Mobile: +91-98407 93456 / +91-98402 86680
Email: support@onlineupsinchennai.in

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Luminous Tubular Batteries

In a very short time, Luminous has established its integrity and won many hearts across India. With an unquenched thirst for perfection and a resolute commitment to quality, we continue to make forays
in technology, creating innovative and efficient products that bear the mark of reliability and excellence. With a decade of experience in manufacturing batteries, we proudly present our range of Tubular Batteries - a remarkable product with incredible possibilities that enhance the quality of life.
Luminous Tubular Batteries employ pioneering R&D to offer 360 degree benefits to you. With cutting-edge process controls in line with global standards, these batteries not only charge faster, they last much longer as well. This reduces electricity consumption, which in turn increases financial savings. What's more, their unique design makes them extremely strong, so they withstand longer power cuts.
Now say goodbye to the inconvenience of long power cuts, thanks to the new range of Tubular Batteries from Luminous. These long-lasting batteries carry attractive warranty features and are extremely affordable. They are just the beginning of a series of beneficial Tubular Battery innovations from the house of Luminous.

Technical Specification

TYPE Nominal Voltage Capacity Overall Dimensiona of Containers Warranty Electrolyte Volume in Litres Charging Current Weight
Length +/-3 Width +/-3 Height +/-3 BOOST MODE in Amph Trickle Mode in Milli Amph
                Starting Rate Finishing Rate Min Max Dry Wt Filled Wt
  (V) C 20 mm mm mm Months Litres A A mA mA Kg Kg.
ILT 1218 12 100 505 220 279 24* 17.00 10.00 5.00 88.0 350.0 17.0 39.0
ILT 14000 XL 12 120 505 220 292 30* 15.00 12.00 6.00 106.0 420 24.0 42.2
ILT 180 12 150 517 272 250 30* 14.00 15.00 7.50 132.0 525 33.5 52.0
ILT 500 12 150 503 189 362 30* 18.00 15.00 7.50 132.0 525 28.0 48.5
ILTT 18048 12 150 503 189 411 48* 21.00 15.00 7.50 132.0 525 33.0 57.0
LFTT 500 12 150 395 162 435 30* 21.50 16.00 8.00 140.8 560.0 31.0 56.0
Technical Specification are subject to change without prior notice
*Condition apply (Prorata warranty included)  

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